Sindoor used at Indian Weddings

Published: 19th April 2011
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Women when married take pride in coloring her maang with red color that symbiosisthat she is somebody’s wife. This strongly signifies traditional Indian culture. During the Indian wedding the process of coloring the brides maang is called sindoordaan. Back in the day, most men worked for the army and womenbelieved that wearing this mark helped in pleading with god to keep their beloved ones safe from danger. The colors used are red, orange, and yellow and pink (usually bright colors) The color red signifies love, fertility,lust and sexuality.

Another use of the vermillion mark is in the for of Kumkum which is applied on the forehead and has no concern with marriage, ago or sex of the person. Men and women are seen with it on their foreheads during religious ceremonies or during visits to their holy places / temples.

Parvati the wife of Lord Shiva is supposed to be the ideal Indian wife. It is believed that Parvati herself protects every Indian woman that wears a Sindoor on herself. As perother astrological significances it is believed to bring women immense happiness and good health. Sindoor is prepared by mixing turmeric with lime and a little mercury. Mercury is believed to control the blood pressure levels of the body and its application in the right proportion is beneficial to the body. During the wedding ceremony while applying the sindoor to his bride he promises everlasting love, care and protection.

In the earlier days, women used to make the sindoor at home and the exact proportions we passed down generations. Today on can easily purchase Sindoor in the local market. It is believed that women in India applied sindoor more than 5000 years ago, which was considered very auspicious.

Different cultures in the Hindu religion follow different ways of applying sindoor. Brahmin grooms apply sindoor on their own bride’s forehead. Bengali grooms apply sindoor in a form of a ring on the parting of the bride’s hair. Assamese culture suggests that the mother – in – law applies sindoor on the head of the bride welcoming her as a daughter in the family.

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