The Vidaai Ceremony - Most Emotional Part Of Indian Marriage

Published: 01st April 2011
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In India, the wedding day is probably the most sacred and auspicious day in the life of a Hindu bride and groom. Marriage is a onetime affair here and the commitment level huge. The wedding ties both the bride and groom into a never ending relationship. The Hindu wedding it is believed repeats 7 times through re incarnations for the same couple. They come together in 7 weddings. The Vidaai, which means farewell, is one of the key ceremonies that plays an important role. This is the last act after which the bride leaves her parents for her husband’s house and there is no turning back.

The Vidaai ceremony takes place after the Pheras. Immediately after this there is a sense of loss and a gloom that descends on the bride and her family after days of celebration. They have given away and lost their girl – Kanya Daan as this is called. The Vidaai is a tear filled ceremony when the bride suddenly realizes and so do her parents that she is going and no more part of the family. It is in ways the breaking of a relationship. Of course there is an inner happiness as well, as she is partaking on a new life journey on the next leg of her life.

This tearful farewell is mainly attended by the really close family members. The groom feels like a hijacker! The bride’s father sees her off with blessings for a great future and prays for her well being in her new surroundings. The Vidaai is accompanied by the scattering of rice grains or then coins when the couple departs. This signifies the bride returning back what she has taken from her parents from her youth to the time of her wedding.

The bride and groom finally sit in their car to leave. The car is pushed by the brides’ brothers as it pulls out of the driveway. The brides’ brother accompanies her to her in laws place in the car as the only other member from her side of the family. Upon delivering her safely, he returns back. The girls brother acts as a support for her throughout his life. Stay tuned for more articles from your favorite wedding designer in India.


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